JWC Consulting Ltd Construction Consultants
Providing professional services to the Construction Industry since 1984
We provide Quantity Surveying services to builders, Developers and Architects which emcompass:
contractual advice budgets and cost plans builders quantities bills of quantities preparation specification writing final accounts
Quantity Surveying is a large field, and the old industry joke of ‘QS’s count bricks don’t they?’ is a long way from the truth.

The training of a Quantity Surveyor gives them a unique set of skills ranging across many of the

construction disciplines.  Traditionally, QS’s prepared Bills of Quantities and specifications, and

therefore had to posses an in-depth understanding of all trades and building elements.  These skills

were augmented with understanding of contract law and building contracts.  

Over the years, the work of a QS has changed: Bills of Quantities are rare, and specifications are often drafted by the Architect or designers.  Many QS’s have moved into contract management, dispute resolution and similar roles.  Some, have of course stayed with ‘grass roots’ quantity surveying, and that’s where JWC’s roots are. Since 1984 we have been providing traditional quantity surveying services to anyone who needs them, but mostly to contractor’s and subcontractors. Why have we been providing this services since 1984?  You’d have to ask our Customers on that, but considering most of our Clients have been with us for years, we’d guess its because we are cost-effective. If you need a cost-effective Quantity Surveyor give us a call now on 07825 915 007.